Opinion: Globacom, using dance to fulfil brand promise


How Globacom's latest promo brings endless joy to subscribers

.How Globacom's latest promo brings endless joy to subscribers

By Raheem Akingbolu

If you ask the average cinema buff about American movie star, Channing Tatum’s filmography they will most likely tell you about his critically acclaimed and box office hits like White House Down, Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, or The Hateful Eight.

Many will leave out his star-making role in Step up even though the romantic dance movie directed by Anne Fletcher was the movie that introduced him to a wide audience long before Magic Mike made him a household name.

Another contemporary actor who found fame and critical acclaim from starring in a dance movie would be Julia Stiles, the actress better known for her turns as Jason Bourne’s love interest in the Bourne series and for starring in Mona Lisa Smile and Dexter. Many forget that she had her breakout and award winning role in the 2001 MTV produced Save The Last Dance.

Why are dance movies such good vehicles for achieving stardom? The answer could lie in the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper