Galaxy Backbone facilities and Nigeria’s digital economy


Our land soaked in blood, gloom, South-East Bishops wail
Our land soaked in blood, gloom, South-East Bishops wail

By Ibrahim Idris Bello

IT was Lou Holtz, a former American player and head coach who once said: “Show me someone who has done something worthwhile and I will show you someone who can overcome adversity.” Nigeria’s Galaxy Backbone is the network communications and data hosting infrastructure platform for public and private sector organisations.

 Only a few weeks ago, ICT and telecommunications organisations experienced an outage on its infrastructure. This incident tested the tenacity of its facilities, its service reliability and its ability to manage customer experience. Most importantly, the outage tested the competence of the team at Galaxy Backbone, GBB. 

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In all of these, the organisation stood tall, as it resolved the outage and brought back the operations of the affected organisations to full normalcy. I do know that customers, stakeholders and massive array of global service providers who…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper