Embrace alternate medicine, The Happiness Centre urges Nigerians




By Chioma Obinna

As the world marked the 2022 International Day of Happiness, Africa’s holistic health and wellness Centre, The Happiness Centre has urged Nigerians to embrace alternative medicine in ensuring their well-being.

Making the call during an event to mark the International Day of Happiness in Lagos, the Managing Director of the centre Mr Akshay Jain, said breathing and meditation exercises go a long way to ensure the relaxation of the mind.

Conducting the invitees through a breathing exercise to prove his point, he explained that stress affects the state of mind because when you are angry, you breathe faster, and when you are happy, you breath gently.

“Anger is stress brought about by what happened in the past, while Fear is stress brought about by what will happen in the future. We believe that life should be lived as an expression of happiness; hence we try to offer solution to stress. Through the breathing and meditation exercise, the mind is…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper