RUSSIA: Know the truth and let it set you free by Femi Fani-Kayode




If you insist on talking or writing about the war in Ukraine kindly get your facts right and do not repeat the one-sided, subjective and monotonous claptrap and fairy tales that CNN and the other international media networks are continuously churning out.

Any student of modern history will tell you that the Russians were never the villains when it comes to acts of barbarity committed against sovereign nation-states and against the oppressed people of the world.

That notorious title goes to the Americans, the Western European nations and their allies.

More than any other nation on earth the Russians supported the liberation struggle of African, South American, South-East Asian and Third World countries and fought against colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism, apartheid and racial and religious suppression and bigotry.

Quite apart from that kindly consider the following:

The Russians never enslaved black people. They never stole them from their homes, took…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper