Can my cooking lure her to bed?


He lied he no longer loved his wife
Can we ever become lovers?

Dear Bunmi,

My girlfriend and I have very healthy love-making appetite – and she really gives me pleasure.  But I’m greedy and believe I could get more out of her. I’m a good cook and have been wondering lately if aphrodisiacs really work. If they do, what can I cook for her to whet her appetite for more intimacy?

Peter, by e-mail.

Dear Peter,

What a considerate lover you are? Many foods are reputed to be aphrodisiacs because of their smell, appearance, taste or effect.

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For example, chillies and curries probably picked up their reputation because they raise the heart rate and cause sweating, just like love-making does, although according to experts, there’s no evidence that they increase libido.

A healthy diet is more likely to benefit your drive for intimacy, but if it’s a quick fix you need, opt for what is known as the placebo…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper