Here comes another divine visitation (2)


Stephen Akinola
Stephen Akinola

Beloved, as we prepare to celebrate the blessing which God has sworn to give us, it is important we draw our attention to the significance of the occasion, our expectations, and then what our preparation should be.

When God saw the woes that mankind was subjected to because of the sin of Adam, He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to redeem us from the impending doom and grant us not only life but an abundance of life that is enduring which was lost in Adam. So, the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ gave humanity access to all heavenly blessings which include mercy, grace, salvation, Holy Ghost baptism, healing, freedom, peace, joy unspeakable, dominion and above all glorious immortality.

However, very unfortunately many Children of God lack the knowledge of what the grace of God has brought to mankind thus they are suffering and dying in ignorant. And that is why hopelessness has pervaded the life of many Christians. Many have cut off themselves from the provisions availed by…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper