Wealthygen and its many acts of charity


By Ejike Anyaduba

IT may be fair to argue that but for little acts of charity the world might have become an uninhabitable place to live. With growing army of poor people and the destitute of living, daily buffeted by unremitting malice of fortune, charity is not just necessary, but imperative in weaving a thread of love around society under threat of dismemberment.  

No doubt, acts of charity have been with man since the beginning of time and the Bible records it as the highest form of love, made manifest in unselfish love of a fellow man. 

Works of charity, especially of notable organisations and individuals like the Red Cross, CARITAS International, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, etc., are well documented and the effects they have on debilitating poverty that ordinarily would singe strands of societal cohesion and cause it to fail completely. 

Regardless, as commendable as various policies of states, aimed at stemming the scourge of poverty, they are yet to show an…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper