BUHARINOMICS 2015-2022: Three time bombs ticking as Buhari marks seven years in office



Tomorrow, May 29 will mark President Mohammadu Buhari’s seven years in office. Our erudite economist, Dr. Dele Sobowale assesses the administration’s performance and passes verdict in the piece below. Ebele reviews education sector and Sonny Daniel reports developments in the area of infrastructure. It’s a weekend delight.

Special Report

By Dr. Dele Dr. Dele Shobowale

“Better to tell it straight.”

That was the advice in 1969 given to me by my supervisor in an Advertising Agency situated off Madison Avenue, New York City, when I was on industrial attachment for my MBA programme majoring in Marketing. I was assigned the task of writing the body copy for a new brand of toothpaste about to be launched by a small company new in the sector.

Like all novices, I submitted an essay. The supervisor, accustomed to that sort of drivel, took out his red biro and marked a few words. Then he turned to me and said. “That is what you mean to say, isn’t it?…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper