A Peter Obi truth (3)


Peter Obi

.Peter Obi

By Chuks Iloegbunam

This is the concluding part of the piece which, yesterday, continued with the narrative of the truth behind Peter Obi’s mission and consuming zeal in politics to serve the people

APART from when he was not in Awka, he mostly reported for work at 7.00 am everyday, and never closed until nightfall. It was, of course, a burden. One morning during our first months, I entered the Governor’s office and found him lying on a couch. Startled, I asked what the matter was. He thought it was an attack of malaria. Asked if I should fetch Dr. Ezenwa of the Government House Clinic, he demurred. At that moment, Damian, his elder brother, who was on his way to Enugu stepped in. He was sure the Governor’s problem was overwork. As I saw him to his car, he said: “Your friend listens to you. Please advise him to slow down.” Quickly back again inside his office, I found the Governor Obi at his desk – working!

“Sir, why are you back at your desk working?”…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper