2023 elections and dilemma of a Nigerian voter


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By Muhammed Belgore

IN just about a couple of months time,Nigerians will go to the polls. The people will select new leaders across the nation and for the nation. Highlighting Nigeria’s woes on paper so as to inform the readers of this article or any other article, is to my own mind, a needless exercise. Everybody can see where we are. The deaf can hear the cries of the citizens all across the country. The blind can see the wanton penury and abject suffering of the masses. 

There is no need to dwell on that. Or is it the security problems? Well I just said there’s no need to dwell on the issues, so I won’t. We have no other country, we have no other home. It is a global world. One should not limit himself to boundaries created by men, so as to say that no other place can become home. Indeed emigration is possible. Yet we cannot all decide to bolt and find for ourselves refuge in some far away abode, we have to, we must seek to repair our land.

In Nigeria’s…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper