Political messiahs and the burden of leadership


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Leadership is a dichotomy of both blessing and burden. In actual fact, the burden sometimes seems to outweigh the blessing that comes with it. Indeed, onlookers and spectators focus mostly on the blessing—the luxury of living, the regalia panoply of power, the exuberant paraphernalia of the life at the top, just to name a few.

This opulent array of an esteemed position often disillusions myriad of people into thinking that power should be pursued for the sake of power alone. As a result, they are led into the cesspool of demagoguery, greed and inordinate ambition.

A seasoned leader knows that power comes at a price. Power makes the powerful responsible, answerable and accountable to a higher phenomenon and cause. This is the burden it bestows on anyone who decides to feast at its table. Power insists on us to tap on the best of our potential and live out the highest calling of our professed ideals, all the while spotlighting our vulnerability for…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper