Dear Bunmi, he’s gone back to his wife


It’s obvious this man wants to have his cake and eat it. If he’s made a decision to stay with his wife, then he shouldn’t be carrying on the way he is with you.

I’ve been seeing a man, who is 15 years older than I am, for the past two years. I love him more than I ever thought was possible – but things have become very tough.

We were friends for a couple of years before we started a relationship, so from the start I knew he was married.

When we got together it was great from day one and it wasn’t long before he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me.

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But he kept on telling me that it could be years before he can leave his wife.

At first I thought he was making typical married man excuses, but a few months ago he told me the reason he couldn’t just walk out was because his wife had breast cancer and that it was terminal.

I was shocked and couldn’t believe he’d cheated on her at this time. The reason he’s now told me about her illness was that his wife found out about us.

She took him back and we split up and things…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper