Security of life and property: The Nigeria Police: Problems and challenges — Salaries and Remunerations (6)



By Aare Afe Babalola

IN this edition, I will start the examination of some of the problems and challenges facing Nigeria Police.

It is common knowledge that it is the duty of the Police to provide internal security and protect lives and properties of the citizens. In recent times, kidnapping, robbery attacks, killings, murders, rape, destruction of farms and properties have become rampant. The increased scale of crime is not only frightening and disturbing but seems to be overwhelming.

I recall a visit by a friend. I asked for his brother. He told me that he had “ja pa”. I thought what he meant was that the brother had died because I didn’t know what the word ja pa meant. After all, a man must keep on learning. The day a man stops learning, that day he is dead. I did not want to exhibit my ignorance, hence I did not ask for the meaning of ja pa. After his departure, I invited my Secretary who happens to be a bright and knowledgeable man to my office, I asked for…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper