Where the sum makes the whole


Niger urges residents to take ownership of urban policy
Niger urges residents to take ownership of urban policy

By  Sunny Ikhioya

TO understand this piece, we must put certain assumptions into perspectives: there is the whole as one, there are units or constituent parts standing individually and there is the totality of the constituent parts making up a whole. This arrangement is contrived to be fluid and dynamic in such a way that they can be working together both as units and collectively for the smooth flow and workings of society.

It is not a ‘die-cast’ arrangement, it is what a people decide on, especially those who claim to be practising democracy like Nigeria. If you practice it well, it will lead to progress, development and shared prosperity for the people; but if practiced in a skewed manner, it can lead to crises, stagnation and poverty like ours is tending towards. 

It is not a matter for conjecture,  ethnicity or religion as some of us will want it to be, it is arrived at by tested scientific models that can be seen, experienced and felt. It has to be done with…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper