Christian Entertainment: The Impacts Of Secular Music In The Christendom


Christian Entertainment

Some of the most common arguments that may remain for ages across the globe about Christian music and entertainment are; should a Christian listen to secular music? Is singing secular songs a sin?

The answers to these questions are quite simple than most believers would often debate. Except that whose mind is already fixed on what seems right to him or her, a glance through the scriptures will enlighten a Christian on the mind of God toward music and that which we coined as Christian entertainment.

To better understand this piece, it is necessary that we define the following terms: Music, Secular Music, Gospel Music and take a journey through the Holy Bible to see the intention of God towards music.

Music – It is an art form that combines either vocal or instrumental sounds, sometimes both, using the form, harmony, and expression of emotion to convey an idea.

Secular Music – In simple terms, secular music is music that is intended for a non-religious…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper