Dear Bunmi, my daughter’s father’s better equipped to raise her


Father’s Day:

I’m facing what, to me, is a heartbreaking dilemma. I have a five-year-old daughter whom I love so much, but I separated from her father over two years ago.

We were never married, but we lived together before the break-up. He has now gotten married and done so well in his job that he lives in a big company house.

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His wife also has a good job and is from rich parents.

I live in a one-bedroom flat and income is really tight. My child’s father is willing to take her, if I so wish.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that since I don’t have that much to offer her in the way of financial comfort, I should allow her to live with her father’s family.

I have her with me, but I feel her needs ought to come first.

Deborah, by e-mail.

Dear Deborah,

You’re missing an important point here. Big houses, good jobs and nice lifestyles are not what matter when it comes to bringing up children.

Sure, all…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper