Caring for flood victims


Benue flood
Benue flood

FLOODING is a natural occurrence. In civilised parts of the world, one of the jobs of government is to evolve systems of taming routine and predictable flooding to keep the people safe. When routine flooding keeps occurring year after year, it means that government is not living up to its duty.

That is the situation that Nigerians living along the pathways of our major rivers, lakes and other flood-prone water bodies, suffer every year. States and communities inhabiting the Niger and Benue troughs and the Niger Delta area experience avoidable flooding due to the failure of government.

This year’s episode is so pathetic. Nigeria’s Confluence Town, Lokoja, the Kogi State capital, is under water. Transportation between North and South through the state is disrupted because the federal highways are under water. Commuters are going through indescribable suffering. Many spend between seven and 10 days on the road from Kogi State to Abuja and other parts of the North.


Source: Vanguard Newspaper