N’Delta struggle is dead – Dokubo-Asari


Asari Dokubo, Niger Delta

By Emma Amaize, Regional Editor, South-South

LEADER of the Niger Delta People Salvation Front, NDPSF, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has lamented that the Niger Delta struggle – the fight back by the oil-rich Niger Delta region for control of its resources in the Nigerian state, is at present comatose.

Speaking at the 19th-anniversary celebration of the group, Dokubo-Asari, a leading participant in the struggle, said: “Right now, the Niger Delta people do not seem to have a common front or strategic direction. As a people, we stand for nothing; hence, the struggle is comatose.”

“People are deserving of the leadership they get, the Niger Delta people do not seem to know what they want, they always want to play second fiddle, and they seek to please others to their detriment. They prefer to do good to outsiders than to their own people.

“We are satisfied with the crumbs as we are survivalists, we reject to fight for the real deal, if you push for…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper