Experts to meet in Nigeria on issues of counterfeiting



By Victoria Ojeme 

The Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Project in Africa (AfriPl) will be organising a  Consultative Roundtable on Counterfeiting in Nigeria.

A statement made available to journalists yesterday explained that one of the objectives for the forum, is to raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeiting and piracy and increase respect for intellectual property rights.

It will be recalled that, previous studies by international organisations such as the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development have revealed that African countries are targeted destinations for counterfeit goods such as pharmaceuticals, foods, and beverages. 

Key economies in Africa, such as Nigeria, must assume a leading role in raising awareness and acting against the counterfeiting of intellectual property rights (IPR). 

Counterfeit products can threaten consumers’ health and, in some cases, lives. Serious dangers have been linked to counterfeit products…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper