Delta 2023 and intra-Delta Central equity




DELTA State has since 1999 ran on the wheel of equity, fairness and stability, peace and cohesion occasioned by the presence of justice. This is why the State stands tall to be counted among the three most stable states in Nigeria today. The reality of the peace and stability that hold sway in Delta State is not by accident.

It is the product of a deliberate decision and choice orchestrated by the leaders and which the people embraced wholesale for the good of all. This experience is what has given birth to and sustained the rotational governorship that has made the State a model in equity and fairness to all other states in Nigeria. 

From 1999 till date, the governorship has gone round three different senatorial districts namely: Delta Central, Delta North and Delta South. It is now going back to Delta Central and it will do a clockwise movement to align with order and cohesion.

As it does the round again, it becomes beholding to leaders and…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper