Introduction to the Epistles of Anthony Kila


Tola Adeniyi Kila book cover

Tola Adeniyi Kila book cover

By Tola Adeniyi

It is a delight to introduce any literary work that oozes out of Anthony Kila’s fertile brain and versatile mind; especially considering the fact that his writing exhibits uniqueness not only in stylistics but in its philosophical, classical, ideological, Aristotelian pedagogy and pragmatism, originality and sequential layout with the artistry and aesthetics of Italian architecture.

Epistles, sub-titled Reflections on Nigeria touches on virtually all aspects of life and living and is categorised, compartmentalized and departmentalised in 13 broad-based parts viz: Aviation, Business and Economics, Covid-19, Education, Environment, Ethnic Nationality, Health, Law & Corruption, Monarchy, Politics, Religion, Security, social media, Youth and is concluded with a chapter on EndSARS. {#EndSARS was added to Nigeria’s lexicon by angry Nigerian Youths who dared to massively demonstrate for a stop to police brutality and malfeasance.}

Epistle (/ɪˈpɪsəl/;…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper