Advertorial: How to earn direct dollars to your bank account 


Earn Dollars

Nigerians and indeed anyone with access to the internet can make a whole lot of money on the internet legitimately. Regardless of the geographical location, US Dollars can still be earned. There are a few legitimate businesses that you can participate in and smile to your bank at the end of it. 

Earn Dollars

One of such business is acquiring a premium domain name and having a team of experts resell it for you at amazing profits. Today we will talk about what premium domains are and how individuals just like you are making thousands of US Dollars legitimately. 

What is a premium domain name? 

All over the world especially in advanced countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and others, new businesses are set up on a daily basis, one thing these businesses desire is a unique name, a business name that will make them stand out. Gone are those days you see domains like, instead of that you see In other words companies now go for…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper