Wike advocates decent politics


Nyesom Wike e1670933472215
Nyesom Wike e1670933472215

By Egufe Yafugborhi

PORT HARCOURT – GOVERNOR Nyrsom Wike has harped on the need for politicians to play decent politics.

Wike, inaugurating Okrika Founder’s Park on Saturday in Koniju Ama, Okrika Local Government Area, termed as unfortunate that the likes of Sen Lee Maeba as allegedly stuck violent politics, yet accusing him (Wike) of violence.

“Two days again, watching TV, I saw Lee Maeba, saw Austin Opara, I saw Abiye Sekibo saying my humble self sent people to Maeba’s house to attack, kill him, I couldn’t believe it. 

“But you saw the Commissioner of Police’s report. He said, listen, your house is surrounded by houses, you have two gates to your house, not one gate was damage, not one. The cars you said were damaged are rickety cars, no brand new cars were touched. Have you ever seen such?

“But you see, I laugh. I said God, well, you know the truth. But people are pushing politics too far. I am sleeping, you are waking me up. When I wake, whatever you see you…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper