Dear Bunmi, I find it difficult to cope with campus life


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I started university this year and I really hate it; I haven’t made any real friends. My course is more difficult than I envisaged and my room-mates are all messy, and they stay up partying into the wee hours.

But, most of all, I’m really homesick.  I’m very close to my family and miss them every day.

It’s not as if I can go home every weekend because my university is in a different state. I will be going home for Christmas and I really don’t want to go back after the Christmas break.

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I’m really unhappy. Do you think I should drop out?

Nifemi, by e-mail.           

Dear Nifemi,

Leaving home and embarking on a new life could be very scary, and it’s quite normal that you are finding the transition difficult.

 Homesickness is very common among students. All universities offer counselling and religious…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper