Russia says respecting ceasefire, accuses Ukraine of shelling


Putin and Zelensky
Putin and Zelensky

The Russian army said Friday it was abiding by a temporary unilateral ceasefire in Ukraine from 0900 GMT as decreed by President Vladimir Putin and accused Ukrainian troops of shelling.

“Despite Russian forces respecting a ceasefire as of 12:00 pm on January 6, the Kyiv regime continued artillery fire on population centres and Russian army positions,” the defence ministry said on social media.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has dismissed Putin’s unilateral ceasefire, says it due to start.

A temporary unilateral Russian ceasefire ordered by President Vladimir Putin during Orthodox Christmas was due to have taken effect in Ukraine at 0900 GMT on Friday.

The ceasefire, dismissed by Ukraine as an empty gesture and an attempt by Moscow to gain time to regroup its forces, is due to last until 2100 GMT on Saturday.

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