She didn’t intentionally bite off his ‘thing’


Dear Bunmi, my teenage daughter's ruining my relationship

.Dear Bunmi, my teenage daughter's ruining my relationship

Series, based on true stories, written by Peju Akande

Biting off her husband’s “thing” is not right, but my daughter Sa’adatu is just exhibiting the traits of a young girl who hasn’t seen the world. She is not an evil child. She is just foolish!

When my husband told me he had made arrangements with his friend to give our daughter Sa’a to his friend’s son. I told him I thought we had agreed Sa’a should remain in school until she finished her JSS(junior secondary school) at least. She was nearly 17 years. Though, the truth is, even if we had let her finish the whole of secondary school, it’s unlikely Sa’a would’ve continued school. You see, she has no head for books.

The girl is given to frivolous things and her head is in the air. It’s all about wearing fresh la’ali designs on her arms and legs, wearing colourful hijabs, and going off with her friends to that stadium where they meet all sorts of boys. And I have often warned her, nothing good…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper