What we are doing to take people out of the streets – Amas-Windham



When Miss Nelly Amas was leaving the ancient Kingdom of Benin City at age 17 for the United States of America, she prayed to be successful to come back to impact society.

Today, after nearly three decades of sojourn in the US, Mrs. Keziah Nelly Amas-Windham (as she is now known) has become a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist and has not forgotten the prayer she made while leaving the shore of Nigeria. This has given birth to the launch of her pet project CNBA Initiative which will cater for the less privileged in Lagos recently. During the launch, she spoke with selected journalists on how CNBA will help to eradicate poverty through organizing programs and training that will teach individuals to model their lives on God-centered service models, and also, they will empower men and women through intensive rehabilitative programs. 

Here is an Excerpts: 

On Motivation I left the shores of Nigeria at a very young age, specifically at 17 years old.

I came…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper