Time for African leaders to look beyond American democracy


By Amos Adegbite

TIME has come for African leaders to look inward and come up with a representative government not fashioned after American democracy. This becomes imperative because of another “Summit for Democracy” being organised by America where many African leaders have been invited to be “lectured” by President Joe Biden on democracy.

A grassroots politician in Nigeria, Raphael Adeyanju, is convinced that many African countries will continue to be in crisis if they did not develop a government that will take into consideration, the culture and values cherished by their people. To him, America is not in a position to teach Africans how to govern their countries.

Indeed, America’s hypocrisy when it comes to democracy is its own history of institutionalised racism and discrimination. For centuries, the US was a slave-holding nation, where African-Americans were bought and sold as property, denied basic human rights, and subjected to brutal violence. Even after…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper