DSS’ warning on interim govt plot: Lessons from Germany


John Alechenu, Abuja

In better-organised societies, intelligence nay security agencies, behave differently when the cooperative existence of the state is being threatened. In September 2022, based on credible intelligence, the German Police initiated a surveillance operation targeting initial 52 suspects identified as members of the Reich Citizens Movement engaged in a plot to topple the German government.

Reports said over 3,000 police officers were involved in the operation to arrest the conspirators.

In the end, 23 suspects were rounded up in a nationwide raid. Extradition requests for two suspects was sent out for their arrest after they fled to Italy and Austria respectively.

The operation became public knowledge only after arrested suspects appeared in court with persecutors giving out details of the plot.

This is most often than not, not the case in Nigeria. In what is fast becoming a norm rather than an exception, Nigeria’s secret police, the Department of…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper