SPORTS: Creating hope where there’s despair


.Agenda for incoming govt

By Tony Ubani

AS the zero hour approaches swiftly on May 29th handover of power to the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Sports stakeholders have risen in unison to proclaim that the time to use sports as the engine for development, to create opportunities in which youth can tap into the power of team-building and leadership development is now.

Sports, overtime, has been a veritable tool for reconciliation and the time has come for us to use it to bridge the gaps that divided us as a people during the past elections.

That Nigeria has become a fractured place is to say the least of how a once-united country has drifted on ethnic lines as witnessed during the last elections.

Nelson Mandela similarly recognized the unique power of sport to heal and bring together a deeply divided South Africa. At a time of great tension over his election as the country’s first black president, Mandela appeared on the field after the Springboks won…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper