Dear Bunmi, face-to-face with his irate wife


Dear Bunmi, I am a single mother of two. I broke up with my husband ages ago, but we are still good friends because of the children. 

I soon went into a relationship with a man who, though married, told me he was unhappy, as his wife was a lousy cook and a spoilt brat. 

Because her father is rich, she’s became almost uncontrollable and it is almost pathetic to watch this man of influence eat my meals with relish.

After four years together, his wife found out about us and had the nerve to come to my house to accuse me of husband-snatching! 

Dear Bunmi, she really had a nerve! 

I told her husband to call her to order.  ‘It takes two to tango’ and you can’t really snatch a man who is happy in his marriage or what do you think?

Ndidi, By e-mail               

Dear Ndidi,

It’s a known fact that wives who’ve found out a cheating husband often display more anger with the other woman than with the cheat himself. 

This is often a defensive strategy, an attempt to…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper