Why new states and LGs can’t be created (4), By Eric Teniola


From last week continues the speech by Justice Udo Udoma, Chairman of the Constituent Assembly, averring during his ruling on June 1, 1978 that it would be meaningless to consider proposals for the creation of over 40 new states

THIS is a difficult matter of considerable historical importance which cannot be dismissed summarily. Realising the sensitive nature of the matter and the depth of feelings of some honourable members on the issue of the creation of new states, I felt impelled to allow the debate on the matter to be opened. In the ordinary course of events I should have refused the Amendments to be listed, and, if listed, to have them struck off as not only out of order but disorderly. 

“The debate has been interesting but somewhat noisy. Members have conducted them with decorum and restraint. Honourable Members without dubiety appreciate that the creation of state is a matter of high governmental policy, which at once involves and calls into play two important arms…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper