Sponsors of insurgents in Nigeria live abroad, says Anambra CP


By Vincent Ujumadu, Awka

THE Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Aderemi Adeoye has said that those who sponsor insurgency in the South East live abroad, explaining that they are mostly indigenes of the states in the geopolitical zone.

Adeoye, who spoke with reporters in Awka, lamented that those they sponsor give them the false impression that they are making progress when, in actual fact, they are merely ripping them off.

Adeoye said: “Most of them (sponsors) are abroad, but they are indigenes, who are misled and misguided about the true nature of the conflict. 

“Their main source of information is the propaganda they read on social media and they continue to give them false perception that the realization of the Republic of Biafra is imminent, and all they need to do is to sustain the onslaught.

“And their onslaught comprises of firing three rounds at a military outpost and running away. That is no fighting, but that is what they need to do to deceive their…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper