Sex tape: Is Moyo Lawal culpable or innocent of leak


By Ayo Onikoyi

No doubt, Moyo Lawal consented to making the sex tape as it was obvious that she and her lover were actors in the making of it. The video clearly shows that nothing was sneaky or mischievous in the making. But what has remained contentious is the leak. Who leaked the video? Moyo, intentionally? Or the lover as some act of wickedness?

The moment the video surfaced on social media, the general feeling was that some disgruntled lover was getting even. It was therefore, no big surprise when the majority stood with the actress, especially, her fellow women

Moyo sealed the sympathy in her favour when she released a statement on the saga, absolving herself of leaking the video and pointing accusing fingers at the lover, even threatening legal action.

She made us understand in her statement that she was supposed to marry the man but fate had other ideas while the man did the unthinkable of violating the trust and the love they shared in their moments of senseless…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper