Duty calls, again, By Hakeem Baba-Ahmed


To get lost is to find the way — African proverb

IN all probability, you are reading my last column in this great paper. I have said goodbyes a number of times from writing for the Vanguard and other papers in the past. The reasons have been mostly related to taking up assignments that could not be reconciled with weekly column-writing, or commenting in public over matters affecting the nation as responsibilities demanded.

At this stage of my life, and looking ahead, it is most unlikely that I will be writing columns anymore. If you have read me in this paper or other papers, this is the time to say thank you. You have indulged me by tolerating my personal opinion from many issues, many of which have had as many angles and those who held them. I will forever be grateful to my role model Nigerian,

Chief Sam Amuka, who had plucked me back to the Vanguard family a number of times. His insistence that a newspaper that claims to reflect the nation must have Nigerian voices…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper