New diabetes drug better for weight loss than Ozempic – Research


A new diabetes drug leads to more weight loss and lower blood sugar than its blockbuster rival semaglutide, also known as Ozempic, a review of research said on Saturday.

Tirzepatide, sold under the brand name Mounjaro by US pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, is currently approved to treat type 2 diabetes in the United States, Europe and most recently the UK.

However Eli Lilly is seeking to get the drug authorised in the US for obesity, which would put it further in competition with Danish firm Novo Nordisk’s semaglutide drug, known as Ozempic for diabetes treatment or Wegovy for weight loss.

After Ozempic went viral on social media earlier this year for its ability to help people lose weight, skyrocketing demand led to occasional supply shortages — and concerns that people without diabetes or obesity were using it to shed a few kilos.

New research, which is being presented at a conference in Germany and has not been peer-reviewed, suggests that Eli Lilly’s newer drug could…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper