Unpleasant surprise awaits Nigerian workers


By Dale Sobowale

“Blessed are those who expect nothing; for they shall never be disappointed.”

May 1 came and went; and there was no announcement on National Minimum Wage – despite Organised (?) Labour’s clamour for it. Like the toothless hunting dogs they have become, Labour leaders in various states, including those not paying N30,000 per month now, were reduced to begging instead of demanding for workers’ rights to a living wage. Politicians can afford to treat Labour with the contempt they deserve because Nigerian Labour movement has become an expensive joke – which workers should not find amusing. The leadership of the largest Labour group, the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, is so confused; they cannot seem to decide if they are political party leaders or union men. Members of a union group are united mainly by the economic and social welfare of the workers they are elected to represent.

In my elective course on Collective Bargaining as an…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper