EPL Final Day: Identical trophies to be sent to Man City, Arsenal matches


With the English Premier League (EPL) title race going down to the wire, the league has prepared for any outcome by preparing two identical trophies.

One of the trophies is to be stationed at the Emirates Stadium, while the other at the Etihad Stadium, as the league gets set to crown either Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal or Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City as this season’s champions.

Arsenal will host Everton, needing a victory and hoping for Manchester City to falter.

Meanwhile, Man City only needs to match Arsenal’s result to make history as the first English team to win four consecutive championships.

To ensure a seamless celebration regardless of the outcome, the Premier League has two identical trophies: one that remains with the reigning champions during the season and another kept at their facilities in London.

Both stadiums will also feature podiums, fireworks, and forty medals for the respective teams, ready for the climactic moment.

Source: Vanguard Newspaper