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One way to fight stress and anxiety while getting in some exercise, experts say, is the act of cleaning. And with personal and home hygiene gaining increased importance in recent times, the following YouTube channels are jam-packed with inspiration for getting your house in order room by room literally.

You can choose one of these channels to get you started.

Simply Nikki
A messy pantry happens to the best of us unless we happen to have a healthy dose of OCD. Recently divorced Australian mother of two, Nikki Thot, of Jamie and Nikki fame, shares how she’s using her time at home to clean up her pantry and make it look like something out of the pages of a magazine.

Jansen’s DIY
Bathrooms and small spaces, in general, can very quickly get very out of hand. The folks over at Jansen’s DIY (a channel dedicated to home improvement, life hacks and DIY-related topics) have compiled a list of 20 ways to organise and create storage space in small…

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