See The Applicable Building Setbacks From Electric Transmission Installations


After the electrical accident which occurred on 20th April 2017 in Calabar, Cross River State. The Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing has released for the information of the public, applicable regulations for building setbacks for electric transmission installations in order to avoid unnecessary electrical accidents, they are as follows


I. 330kV lines require a total of 50 metres set back (25 m on each side)

II. 132kV lines require a total 30 metres (15 m on each side)

III. 33kV lines require a total 3.5 metres set back

IV. 11kV lines require a total 3 metres set back

V. 41kV lines require 1.5 metres set back

VI. Underground cables are to be buried at least 3 metres below the ground surface.

In addition the ministry have also directed that buildings and structures built beneath ‘high tension’ power lines be disconnected from power supply systems as already issued by NEMSA to DisCos for reasons of safety. The public has been enjoined to halt the practice of illegally constructing structures beneath and illegally connecting to power lines, as this practice increases the risk of electrical accidents.