Rape: A Big Gape In Our Social Norms


T he whole world is consumed by the voraciousness of the Corona pandemic and its effects on the world economy, shutting down fuel supply, cutting out air travel, snuffing the life out of the aviation industry, the hospitality industry, tourism and practically all the other sectors of the economy. Some of us are also worried about the spate of killings going on in our country, which is definitely taking up more lives than the covid 19 infection, as there has been a sudden rise in activities of bandits especially in the northern parts of our country.

As if all that is not mind boggling enough, some insane and ludicrous elements amongst us are still going about invoking more wrath from the heavens by desecrating the freedom, sanity, sanctity and purity of human lives – raping people, violating them, taking away their dignity, confidence, innocence and sense of wellbeing. The age old barbaric crime of rape and defilement has refused to remain in history and its destructive flame is…

Source: Leadership Newspaper