Gaslighting: A Web Of Deceit And Way Out


Gaslighting – manipulating someone into questioning their own sanity – can be a common technique to cheat people out of their money, says Lisa Mills, romance fraud expert at the charity Victim Support.


In this report, Harvey Day explains how gaslighting is used to cheat people out of their money.


After ending her 24-year marriage, Linda Young found herself alone in her modest coastal town residence. Her grown up children had completed their university education and moved out, leaving her with few local acquaintances.


Seeking a fresh start in her love life, Linda, a busy administrator at a special education school, decided to explore online dating. It wasn’t long before she connected with an attractive man on a dating platform catering to individuals over 50.


In a mere six months, however, she fell victim to a scam that cost her more than £120,000 ($150,000). This was orchestrated through a daily barrage of emails, texts, and late-night phone conversations. Linda vividly…

Source: Leadership Newspaper