“When I woke up, I realized my kidney was gone”


?When I woke up, I realized my kidney was gone? - 23-year-old Gambian Human Trafficking survivor shares her horrific experience in Lebanon

Two Gambian Human Trafficking survivors,  Fatou Badjie and Amie have shared their horrific experiences in Lebanon and Egypt respectively.


Immediately after she graduated from university, Badjie, 23, was approached by a close friend about employment prospects in Lebanon. The friend told her that there were job opportunities and if she decided to go there she’d earn a decent salary. She felt strongly that the friend would wish her nothing but success. She agreed to go to Lebanon.


In an interview with the Chronicles, Badije said;

“So I just jumped into it without asking questions. He came with a document and I signed it without hesitation,” she explains.
In the signed document, Fatou agreed to pay D3,000 as deposit before her friend would process her travel documents. To her, this was an opportunity to get her family out of poverty. I paid the money and the next day he brought my passport and visa. Everything was intact. The following week, I left for…

Linda Ikeji