The True Business of Governance By Senator Abiola Ajimobi


Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State
Of all the humbling moments I have had in life, the most outstanding one was earlier this year upon being re-elected Governor by the good people of Oyo State.
It was all the validation I needed, as the people of this state are known for their political watchfulness. If I wasn’t doing something right – whether it was or wasn’t so in the eyes of political rabble-rousers –I would not be entrusted, for the second time, with the task of leading our state to further glory.
I have always been one to admit that Oyo State has a long way to go. It was one of the reasons I opted to serve the state in the first place. However, four years alone would’ve been an unrealistic timeline for the actualization of all the policies and roadmaps we created and which we have been implementing.
Governing a state and turning it around has not and will never be a magic show. It takes patience, research, hard work, insight, and surrounding oneself with the right people. Most of all, it takes an element out of the control of man – Time. During the first four years of serving the people of Oyo, my administration decided to pursue the tripod approach of restoration, transformation and repositioning of all sectors of the economy.
With great intensity, we focused on the education sector, because we know that the foundation that children get determines if they will be productive members of the society in decades to come. It is only quality education that can bring about the kind of manpower that will eventually contribute to the progress that we started in 2011 in Oyo State.
I have always taken to heart the words of the great Awolowo, when he said: “In order to attain to …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper