Buhari’s anti-corruption opposers fighting hard, dirty – Lai Mohammed


Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and CulturePhoto: Femi Ipaye/PM News
Nigeria’s minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said on Tuesday that those who have been under heat of the anti
corruption war from President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration are now fighting back “hard and dirty.”
The Information minister who said while briefing journalists in Abuja to further solicit the support of the media for the anti-corruption war noted that the enemies of the anti graft war have started to use media and other platforms to cut the ground off the battle against graft.
The Minister said such attacks have come in the form of well orchestrated attacks of the President, his policies, the 2016 budget
as well as ridiculing the anti graft war itself on various media platforms.
Mohammed however said the good news is that the Buhari administration is winning the war while Nigerians are now talking more about
corruption. He also said the Buhari administration will not be distracted in the war against graft, no matter the level of distractions by those opposed to it.
“Well, I can tell you today that corruption is already fighting back, and it is fighting hard and dirty.
“Sponsored articles have started appearing in the newspapers and on the social media, while ‘Talking Heads’ have started making the rounds on electronic media, all deriding the fight against corruption as well as this administration.
“Not stopping there, they have been creating distractions by sponsoring articles in both local and international media to deride
the administration’s policies generally, tag the President a budding dictator and even write off his 2016 budget.
“We know that the sole purpose of these attacks is to distract attention from the war on corruption,” Mohammed said.
“It is saddening that some otherwise credible voices have unwittingly allowed themselves to be railroaded into the bandwagon of
pro-corruption orchestra. They engage sophistry to try …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper