The Fowlers And Tunde Fowler

Babatunde Fowler: FIRS chairman

Babatunde Fowler: FIRS chairman

A fowler, dictionaries tell us, is one who hunts birds for sport or food. His major tool is a snare, which he sets in the hope that it traps a bird suitable for his requirement. In this context, Mr. Tunde Fowler, Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), is a bird, one considered a premium species for sport or food by a group of desperate, ill-equipped and faceless fowlers.

A real fowler, we know from books on game hunting, leaves a bait around his snare, hoping that it lures the bird. The fowlers after Mr. Fowler are persuaded that the important position he occupies offers mammoth-sized baits he cannot but bite. Evidence means nothing. Conviction, of the most baseless variety, is everything. This is aired on a number of no-mark internet platforms which, in the world of fiction hawkers, are news websites.

On these travesties, they hawk, in desperate fashion, a cocktail of lies, absurd distortions and misrepresentations and anything that ties in with their agenda to calumniate.

Fowler, the fowlers claim, embarked on the recruitment 250 staff in a way that is indifferent to service procedures.

There is also the predominantly inane claim that Fowler was involved in a N7 billion tax refund fraud.

Fowler’s last appointment, as every man and his dog know, was as the head of the Lagos State Board of Inland Revenue.

The fowlers concluded that one Mr. Abiodun Aina was Mr. Fowler’s special assistant while he was in Lagos.

Another confection of the character assassins is that FIRS staff have been made sad by arbitrary transfers, on Fowler’s say-so, and keeping them in squalid offices.

First, the number of professionals employed by Fowler since he asumed office last August is 10, a long way from the 250 being claimed by hawkers of …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper