Street hawking: Ohuabunwa tasks LASG on youth employment

Chief Sam Ohuabunwa

Chief Sam Ohuabunwa, former Managing Director, Neimeth Plc.

Chief Sam Ohuabunwa, a former Managing Director, Neimeth Plc, has advised the Lagos Government to reconsider its impending clampdown on hawkers due to the present economic challenges.

Ohuabunwa, who is the Chairman, African Centre for Business Development, Strategy and Innovation gave this advice on Wednesday in Lagos.

He said this against the backdrop of the recent ban on hawking by the Lagos State Government following a violent crisis provoked by the death of a hawker.

The hawker was said to be resisting arrest by officials of Lagos State Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) when he was knocked down by an articulated vehicle.

He said: “I am for clean up Lagos, I am for taking off area boys I am for stopping ‘Omo Oniles’, all these group of people that can be nuisance to the society I am for taking them out, but I am for doing what is right for our economy at this time.

“When the area boys were taken out they were rehabilitated, many of them were given jobs and given some assignments, and we gradually made away with them.

“Given the state of our economy now, people who are doing the legitimate job should be allowed some time.

“So that the economy can get better because I believe that today any young man who can do a better job will not undertake the risk of these street hawkers, running, meandering in-between vehicles, crossing the roads and running after moving vehicles.

“If you have seen their legs and their slippers and many that have been killed I don’t think it’s something we do out of fun. So my position is that government should take it easy now until the economy improves.

“We are talking about the budget that have just been passed, let’s see the impact on the economy, we are …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper