Edo race between a talking drum and a working brain

Ernest Omoarelojie

Ernest Omoarelojie

Ernest Omoarelojie

Nigerians are stressed almost beyond measure. Some are so affected by the effects that rational reasoning seems to be eluding them. Certainly, no one can rightly blame anyone in this class because there is always a difference between the level of resistance in even two average individuals. Right now what is required most is something that can divert attention, a comic relief if you like, to help disperse the effects of prevailing trying economic realities. The good news is that comic relief is coming in droves from members of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Edo state.

For ardent supporters of Pastor Osaze Izeh- Iyamu, PDP personified in the September 10 governorship election, talking loudly or nineteen-to-the-dozen, is equal to unassailable knowledge. So, almost always, they tend to reach organism when discussing the pastor’s pulpit points on both social media and beer parlours. They get so convinced that shouting his voice coarse at every campaign rally is a sure-fire panacea for turning hard times to a one stop dream life that they label Godwin Obaseki as inauspiciously inept in terms of having a hold over what is required to manage our way out of the doldrums. His quiet mien, they assume, is a give-away, beyond-reproach evidence. I can’t stop laughing at the apparent naïveté of a people groveling in the assumption that a talking drum is far better than a working brain.

Jokes apart, it is sad that there are still individuals who regard the people of Edo State as a bunch of simpletons. It is sadder that they do not appreciate the fact that the people know for sure that action speaks louder than words. It is even more heart-rendering that they still nurse the ill notion that Edo people do not have the capacity to see beyond …Read More

Source:: PM Newspaper