African Swimwear brand debuts collection for new couples


By Funmilola Olukomaiya

Famous African print swimwear brand, Crown Rose comes through with a new collection a that is perfect for newlywed couples going on their honeymoon.

The swimwear sets are perfect for those days when you want to feel like the centre of attention just like on your special day.

Check out photos from the collection below:

crownroseuk 1 e1498553589179

crownroseuk 2 e1498553606839

crownroseuk 3 e1498553627114

crownroseuk 4 e1498553644793

crownroseuk 5 e1498553670676

crownroseuk 6 e1498553685461

crownroseuk 7 e1498553706479

crownroseuk 8 e1498553722436

crownroseuk 9 e1498553742423

crownroseuk 11 e1498553777451

crownroseuk 14 e1498553795732

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