Naming and Shaming Those Who Destroyed Libya


By Owei Lakemfa

The United Nations (UN) under then secretary general, Ban Ki-moon met on March 17, 2011 to decide the fate of Libya. Civil war had broken out in the country, with rebels seizing the city of Benghazi and parts of the country. The rebels were armed by the West, with the United States getting Saudi Arabia to supply them with anti-tank rockets, mortars and surface-to-air-missiles. Egypt’s Special Operations Force Unit 777 and Tunisian mercenaries were fighting on the side of the rebels. The Ghaddafi government on March 4, captured armed British Special Forces in Benghazi but under severe diplomatic pressure, released them two days later to board the British frigate, HMS Cumberland.

During the war, the Ghaddafi government deployed the armed forces and bombed rebel positions, especially in Benghazi. There were civilian casualties, and the West used this as an excuse…

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